100 Photographs: Forty-Five Years of Photography

Few photographers get to where they are overnight, but instead have a lifelong interest or even a passion for it. I recently located a huge stash of my negatives, some of which are black and white negatives that I developed myself many years ago, and some slides and color negatives. I purchased an Epson scanner and began to scan in some of those. I was very pleased with the results, so I set about compiling a sort of photographic timeline of my journey, beginning with one of my earliest photographs made using an old Kodak Instamatic camera. Later on, I scrimped and saved and was able to buy a Canon AE-1 in about 1977. I still have that camera and still use it occasionally, but in 2012 I bought a Canon T3i and used that until I switched to Nikon in 2015. I've also acquired and occasionally use various vintage cameras, most notably a Graflex 22 Model 200 (ca. 1955). 

These photographs cover genres ranging from travel photography, to journalistic photography, portraits, landscape and nature, fine art, and more.

I selected the individual images for a variety of reasons - some are not at first glance perhaps "good", but they might be typical for a time period, or distinct for some other reason, and some of these I selected as being very important to me, personally.