"I became interested in photography in my teens, and set up a darkroom in my basement. Since those early times, I have enjoyed photographing subjects ranging from landscapes to airshows, from portraits to rock concerts.

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, and have spent some time in the past few years hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains – which features a limitless source of beautiful images. I have been especially drawn to focus on capturing landscapes in and around the Indian Peaks Wilderness and in Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes while out and about in these places I’ll stumble upon a unique scene, but other times it is on the second or third visit to a place that I will start to get some ideas of what I’d like to capture – I can start to see the photograph. When photographing a scene I’ll sometimes take several exposures which may later be combined to provide either greater detail (super-resolution) or greater latitude (high dynamic range), if those techniques are appropriate for the photograph. After capturing the scene I spend a lot of time in the “digital darkroom” in order to get as much detail and “atmosphere” out of a photograph as possible. I enjoy making dramatic photographs that draw me into them, and conveying to others not just the way a scene looked, but the way it felt to be there."