Something different: Food Photography

Earlier this summer I did a photo shoot for an Italian restaurant north of Denver called Roma Restaurant, which is owned by the family of a friend of mine. The web site - which features many of the photographs we made - is now live here: From pizzas, to salads, to ravioli, everything the chef delivered was wonderfully presented - and I had the good fortune to be able to smell  and taste it all after the shots were made. The food really was spectacular.

We used a combination of three lights, reflectors, and natural light to illuminate the food. I'll show a few of the photographs here, but visit the web site for more!

A delicious pizza on a wooden plank, with seasoning sprinkles.

Margarita, with lime, backlit and shot against a white card.

Salad, set on a wooden plank, top-lighted. 

A rack of wine bottles shot with the lens wide open at f/1.4 to keep attention on the middle bottles in the field. 

The front entrance at Roma Restaurant.