Storm at Lake Isabelle (Panorama)

Storm at Lake Isabelle is one of my more dramatic photographs. To begin with, Lake Isabelle is a beautifully picturesque alpine lake, located at about 10,900 feet elevation. Depending on which trail heads are open, the one-way hike to Lake Isabelle can range from two miles to four. 

"Storm at Lake Isabelle (Panorama)" photographed at The Walnut Gallery in Louisville, Colorado. Shoshoni Peak is at center.


From the Long Lake trailhead to Lake Isabelle there is about a 400 foot increase in elevation, and from that trailhead the roundtrip distance is about 4.2 miles. Once reaching the Lake, it's time to relax!

"Relaxing at Lake Isabelle" (C) Jon Berndt Photography. 

"Relaxing at Lake Isabelle" (C) Jon Berndt Photography. 

Looking at the full-sized print (above) one can see the cascading stream that feeds Lake Isabelle from the snow and glacier melt above it. This summer my son and I hiked up to those falls. We got there just a bit too late in the early afternoon - a pretty intense display of lightning developed and chased us off the mountain, but not before I got some quick snapshots.

"Shoshoni Peak" (C) Jon Berndt Photography. Beyond Lake Isabelle on the way up towards Shoshoni and Apache Peaks one passes beyond the tree line.